The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were 259,500 web designers working today... you certainly have a lot of options.

Why then do companies choose Huebner Marketing of Colorado
to design and develop their site when there are so many options?

That’s easy. Our process makes sense, our people are experienced and easy to work with, and best of all—we build websites that:

  • Are designed to best tell our clients’ stories
  • Are integrated into the rest of their marketing communications efforts
  • Effectively connect our clients brands to their local sales channels

This results in web design and development that best reflects our clients and generates the movement down the sales funnel they deserve.

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Lead Generating Websites

Information Collection

To start we’ll ask questions like: Why does the site exist? What are you trying to accomplish with the site? Who is the target audience? Are your prospects just in Fort Collins or Loveland, Colorado, or is your market broader than that? What kind of information will visitors be looking for on the site? Understanding WHY we’re doing it, WHO we’re communicating to, and WHAT we’re trying to communicate is foundational to building an effective website.

web design development planning


With this information in hand, we then develop a site map. This is a list of the main topic areas of your new website, and is critical in organizing the site in an intuitive, easy to navigate fashion. In this step, we will also determine what type of CMS (Content Management System) we will use, how we will integrate calls to action, forms, etc.

web design development design


Here we’ll apply the information and the structure of the site, and design several options around what we know. You’ll have several new homepage “looks” from which to choose, all designed around the why, who and what we’ve uncovered in the first step. Typically, clients like different elements of different designs, and our professionals will work with you to zero-in on a design with which your entire team feels comfortable.

Website Development


Once the design has been set, files will be handed over to our development team for programming. Our developers ensure that they write code meeting all of the latest web standards and will provide you with in-progress viewing to address any changes or corrections you might have during the process. It is also during this step that we build basic SEO into the new site making it more “findable” by search engines.

Web Design Development Testing


With the new website ready for testing, we begin ensuring that all forms, scripts and layouts are functioning properly, that navigation works seamlessly, and pages are loading appropriately. We also test the new site on a wide variety of devices and operating system versions for optimal viewing.

Web Design Development Delivery


Once you’ve approved the new site and its functionality, the website files are setup on the server of your choosing. Once the files have been delivered and uploaded, a final test should be made to make sure the site continues to function properly. After this has been verified, the site is ready to be made live.

Website Maintenance Marketing

Maintenance & Marketing

Like it or not, when your new website goes live, the work has only just begun. The site will need to be optimized for search on a regular basis (SEO), content should be added regularly, information must be periodically updated, and if you really want it to work for you…you should be setting it up for analytics and some Internet advertising and pay per click campaigns. But don’t worry, we can help with that when you’re ready.

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